Create your business website in seconds, using your Facebook page

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Use your Facebook content to power your website.

  1. 1

    Update your Facebook page — whether that’s a new status, biography, a photo, or simply new opening hours.

  2. 2

    Facebook informs Ekko of this update and we fetch your latest Page data.

  3. 3

    Your site is instantly updated to reflect your Facebook Page's content. You don't need to do anything!

See it in action

You can check out what your Ekko website could look like by logging into Facebook, and selecting one of your pages. It’s like magic.

Or check out some example sites

Your Facebook page…
…transformed into a website

It just works

Nothing to learn.
Always up to date.

As you make a change on your Facebook Page, or post a new status, your website is instantly updated. No more out-of-date content.

If you know how to use Facebook, you know how to use Ekko.

"Ekko's so easy to use and the site it generates looks great. A lot of businesses don't need a bespoke site with a complex CMS. I think they'd be much happier managing a simpler website with Facebook, the 'CMS' they're familiar with."

Melissa Keizer

No technical jargon

We deal with the domains and the hosting and the code and the DNS and the…

Beautiful designs ready to use

No prior design or code skills needed, we've got a selection of beautiful themes that elegantly adapt to your content, on any device.

Ekko costs just £14.99 a month

Pay via Direct Debit with GoCardless (UK only).

Card payments are also accepted globally through Stripe.

We offer a 25% discount for life for non-profit organisations, charities and students.
Contact us to get set up.

  • Web hosting included
  • Free non-premium domain
  • Automatically updated content

Ekko's aim is to have your new site online in under a minute.

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